Portable Car Garages

portable car garageDid you know that a vehicle, when left outside and exposed to the elements, experiences surface damage over time? Although cars are the least likely to experience it, seasonal vehicles kept outdoors during colder months start to show signs of wear and tear. The surface material, after six months in the outdoors, begins to have a faded and uneven appearance, dotted with mold and rot, while small cracks have started forming. Rather than spending money on a vehicle, only to have it damaged in an off-season, invest in a sturdy and affordable storage solution. Portable car garages provide the right amount of coverage for everyday and seasonal vehicles. Constructed of a powder-coated or galvanized steel frame and a polyethylene tarp, portable car garages provide enough strength and coverage to protect any vehicle or investment placed under it. The steel frame, once anchored into the ground, holds up even is 95 mile per hour winds and heavy snow. The heavy-duty poly tarp, as well, has its own set of properties. The material is treated to be waterproof, UV resistant, mildew resistant, and rot proof, and this combination keeps out water and UV rays and allows moisture to circulate inside, preventing the buildup of mildew, dry rot, and mold. Portable car garages are designed to meet different storage needs.

For sheltering your everyday vehicles, these structures often have a valance style, polyethylene tarp on top and with a slight overhang on each side. Carports are designed with this form. Seasonal vehicles and other long-term investments, on the other hand, need more coverage, and enclosed shelters offer enough. With a tarp spread out on all sides, the shelter fully keeps out UV rays and water. Valance shelters, for more coverage, can be modified with additional tarps. Portable car garages come in peaked and rounded designs, although before purchasing a shelter, check any local ordinances regarding portable storage shelters and sheds. Nearly all areas have them, and these place restrictions on the size and locations for shelters. Typically, a portable garage can cover an area just as large as two vehicles. The shelter should be placed to the side or rear of a home. Instead of purchasing a shelter that does not comply with local ordinances, research the restrictions in your area before looking for a portable car garage.

Perhaps the best feature of portable car shelters is their portability. Despite their strength and durability, these shelters are surprisingly lightweight and easy to set up. Depending on your needs, you can take down and set up your portable car garage in no time at all. Road trippers, farmers and those with a love of classic cars might benefit from this flexibility. Keep your boat, motorcycles, tractors and classic cars properly protected, even in the short term. It could take the elements of Mother Nature only a few seconds to destroy your valuables, so why take any chances? Take advantage of A1 Tarps' cost effective prices and bulk discounts to save even more.

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