Pop Up Canopies

pop-up canopiesGet instant shelter by using commercial pop up canopies. Portable but dependable, pop-up canopies are constructed of a powder-coated steel frame and a polyester top. The polyester is treated to be waterproof and UV resistant. Pop-up canopies, for both at-home and commercial uses, are lightweight and are easily set up. These tent shelters simply need to be taken out, unfolded, and anchored to give full protection.

When you're expecting guests for a party or want to create a shaded area outdoors, set up one or more pop-up canopies in your backyard. The shelters come in several sizes, most of which have a square shape. Backyard parties are prime occasions for pop-up canopies. When the sun is beating down or some rain passes over, your guests will want some shade and coverage. Rather than bringing everyone indoors, have a few pop-up canopies set up beforehand. Guests can still enjoy the outdoors even though they're safely under the protection of the canopy. Additionally, the canopies can provide shade to seating and eating areas. The lightweight and portable nature of this shelter allows it to be taken nearly anywhere. Pop-up canopies just need to be folded up and placed in a bag, and they can be carried to various locations. The next time you're invited to a party, offer to bring your canopy for shelter. Similarly, when you and your family decide to spend a day at the beach, use your canopy for shelter instead of a cumbersome beach umbrella. You can even store it in the trunk of your car if you're a frequently socializer. These commercial pop up tents fold up to an extremely manageable size.

Pop-up canopies are often needed in commercial settings. When any event, from a flea market to a trade show, is outdoors, vendors will need shade from the sun and potential rain. Rather than risking your investments and getting wet, set up your booth at such an event with a canopy. In fact, because of their necessity, many vendors join together and attach their pop-up canopies to each other, side by side, for additional strength and protection.

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