Large Tarps

large tarps Tarps come in all shapes and sizes. Smaller ones are perfect for small jobs, such as covering a motorcycle or tent or a limited amount of firewood or possessions. For bigger jobs, however, large tarps are a must. These types of situations can range from temporarily covering a damaged roof to commercial and industrial uses, such as securing and covering loads carried by trucks, protecting sports fields from rain and the elements or delineating and limiting dust and cold at construction sites.

A1 Tarps carries a huge supply of large tarps in different sizes, colors and materials that can help you with any of these applications as well as many others. What's more, we offer these large tarps at some of the lowest prices you will find anywhere, with fast shipping directly to you

The large tarps available from A1 Tarps come in sizes as big as 100 feet by 100 feet. You can pick from waterproof poly tarps such as our heavy-duty, 12-mil 50 foot by 150 foot poly tarps available in many colors.

If you need covers for a sports field, A1 Tarps carries a big selection of tarps to protect football and baseball fields. A1 Tarps offers significant discounts on these tough tarps, and using them will cut field maintenance costs drastically. We also have home plate covers, baseball mound covers and baseball plate covers.

Our large tarps include lightweight tarps for trucks as well as many other tarps. Tarps are required in many states to cover truck loads to prevent sand, gravel and other items from flying out of trucks and damaging other vehicles, and A1 Tarps offers a big stock of truck tarps designed just for this purpose. Truck tarps are available in solid or mesh designs and can also be used to protect lumber, wood and other products from rain and the elements. Large tarps can even provide a good alternative to barns for storing and protecting hay.

Tarps are also a necessity at many construction sites. Besides delineating the property lines of a construction site and keeping the public and trespassers out, they also can help keep heat in a construction site by blocking wind. Further, tarps can keep dust and debris from blowing out of a construction site on to vehicles and pedestrians. Large mesh tarps can cover a fence at a construction site, while other large tarps can enclose a space to keep the heat in.

Baseball fields are other common locations for large tarps. A game ends when bad weather hits, but a muddy field can cancel future practices and games. Adding a large tarp to a sports field keeps it in better condition for the next day. Instead of becoming mud, the field stays dry, and players can go back to their routine the next day. Read More
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