Dump Truck Tarps

dump truck tarpsWhen transporting sand, gravel or a payload of small pieces of wood, affordable and reliable dump truck tarps are essential. Unsecured payloads are extremely dangerous when traveling at high rates of speed on congested highways, byways and local surface roads. An investment in a dump truck tarp is a sound preventive measure that will save the owner of the dump truck time, money and even possible litigation. Even the smallest pebble that flies off the back of a fast moving truck can cause serious, sometimes even fatal, damage to a passing motorist. There are many documented cases where an improperly secured payload caused injury, vehicle damage and even the death of a passing motorist. When these types of unfortunate incidents occur the driver is immediately exposed to both criminal and civil liabilities. A medium dump truck mesh tarp securely and properly fastened around the payload of a dump truck, will prevent debris from getting free. Black mesh tarps allow for 73 percent shade protection, 27 percent light allowance, and this type of tarp comes with large aluminum grommets every 18 inches and with rope reinforced corners and eyelets. The construction of our dump truck tarps are specifically designed to withstand the incredible pressure of heavy debris. They may be mesh, but these are heavy duty tarps with the appropriate strength and durability to handle debris transport. These types of tarps are ideal for covering loads of sand, construction material, ply wood and loads of gravel. Dump truck mesh tarps can also be used to line the bed of truck so that the bed does not get damaged. Moving piles of metal objects or even when transporting a load of household junk to the local dump, it is always a good idea to protect the lining of the truck and or the back of a sport utility vehicle with a tarp. Lastly, these tarps can also be used to cover piles of gravel and or sand at a job site; the tarp will protect the material from wind or excessive heat. Alternatively, workers might use these tarps as shade shields since they are so effective in blocking out the sun. There is a noticeable change in temperature when standing under these versatile tarps.

Stock up on our dump truck tarps to save more for you company in the long-term. A1 Tarps offers discounts on bulk orders. With a stockpile of mesh tarps, you'll be able find even more ways to improve your jobsite.

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