Custom Tarps

custom tarpsWhen it comes to covering a boat, RV, truck bed, or canopy, a close fit may not be close enough. Gaps and billowing spaces can leave room for water and other substances to sneak in. A1 Tarps understands this. Although our selection ranges greatly from standard individual sizes to commercial uses, the standard dimensions may not cover your investment all the way. To meet these needs instead of turning away customers, A1 Tarps creates and offers custom tarps.

Among our most commonly requested tarp styles are the custom poly tarps. On a basic level, these medium- and heavy duty tarps are UV resistant, waterproof, rot proof, mildew resistant, and fire retardant. With this group of properties, poly tarps are apt for several outdoor applications. They are versatile and can be applied for almost any purpose. Strength and resistance to tears make polyethylene tarps ideal for protecting cars, boats, RVs, and other seasonal vehicles for an entire winter. The durability and long lifespan further make poly tarps ideal for canopies, which themselves are another versatile structure for long-term and seasonal uses. In any of these instances, however, a standard-size tarp may not cut it, and a custom size matches your needs precisely. Even with a custom size you'll still be getting the benefit of reinforced corners and hems which add durability and strength. For creating custom poly tarps, contact A1 Tarps to learn about all we can do.

Although polyethylene is the most preferred material for tarps, it is not the only option. Mesh or canvas is requested for certain uses, such as covering the load of a truck, painting or renovating, or creating a shaded outdoor area. For canvas tarps specifically, however, customization extends beyond size. Although the thick and durable material is woven out of military cotton and tear-, water-, and mildew-resistant, additional strength may be needed for long-term outdoor uses. A1 Tarps designs special-strength canvas tarps, and if such an option suits your needs, contact us to create this innovative material. This degree of customization is a service A1 Tarps is proud to provide, especially considering most tarp suppliers don't offer it. Tarps are a versatile protection solution, but some tasks require special features to ensure full protection is achieved. With our bulk discounts and cost effective prices, even our custom tarp orders are still a great value.

A1 Tarps surges ahead with innovative and versatile tarps and considers a wide range of applications with our materials. Browse our selection to see all we have to offer, or contact us about creating custom materials to precisely match your storage and shelter needs.

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