Commercial Canopies

commercial canopiesSometimes, more than one vehicle needs to be covered. At home, you may have two cars, a car and a small boat, or a car and a truck that need some shelter. While canopies for homes are designed to cover more than one vehicle, what should you do when a larger amount needs protection? Ordinances often reduce the size of shelters homes can have, but when it comes to commercial situations, three or more vehicles may need protection. In this case, commercial canopies, designed on a larger scale, should be used. Commercial canopies are made from a galvanized steel frame and a heavy duty polyethylene tarp. The tarp is treated to be waterproof, UV resistant, rot-proof, and mildew resistant. The frame, when anchored into the ground correctly, is durable and sturdy against high winds and heavy snow. Most commercial canopies have a peaked valance style, with a 12-inch overhang on both sides. Typically, the shelters can cover at least three vehicles. At A1Tarps, the smallest commercial shelter is 18' by 20', and larger shelters include 30' by 30' and 20' by 50' models. Larger commercial canopies can serve as a shaded parking area for a fair, workplace, or apartment complex. If you need long-term storage, these larger shelters can protect several boats or RVs under one roof for several months at a time. Although heavy duty canopies are useful and, in many cases, needed in a commercial setting, temporary shelters, such as larger pop-up and party tents, are necessary in various large-scale instances. Designed from a powder-coated frame and polyester top, these commercial pop-up canopies are set up to provide shade at outdoor events. All of these shelters are waterproof and UV resistant and may have fire retardant properties. Rather than not offering protection to your guests, shelter them with a large canopy. This is a cost effective way to provide fast, portable shelter, and is sure to make the whole event experience more comfortable.

Like our smaller canopies, we offer our commercial canopies in kits, but you can also purchase replacement tarps and frame parts separately should you need to. Instructions for assembly are also shipped to you, but you can also find a guide on our website if you run into any problems. These canopies are designed to be installed quickly and easily to facilitate portability. No matter where you are, you'll be able to set up one of our tarp systems to protect your exposed vehicles.

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