Clear Tarps

clear tarpsHeavy-duty polyethylene tarps come in several colors, with some being more practical for specific uses than for others. For long-term outdoor uses, for example, white and silver are both common. Green, camouflage, or brown, similarly, are helpful for making a protected investment less conspicuous. Clear tarps, like many others, have a similar combination of uses. For a specific need, clear tarps are better for outdoor greenhouses and other canopy-like structures in which visibility from the outside is necessary. On a general level, clear tarps made out of polyethylene or vinyl can be used for long-term outdoor protection. Clear tarps are typically made out of heavy-duty polyethylene, and those sold through A1Tarps have a three by three mesh count and 12 mil thickness. Because the material is designed for long-term outdoor uses, the heavy-duty polyethylene is treated to be waterproof, UV resistant, mildew resistant, and rot proof. Portable greenhouses are one of the uses for portable buildings. With a powder-coated or galvanized steel frame and an attached polyethylene tarp, these structures can keep an investment plants included in all types of weather. When the structure is turned into a greenhouse, heaters should be placed inside to keep all plants warm. A clear tarp, both functional and aesthetic in this case, gives the portable structure an authentic look and is far more durable than glass. In addition to use with portable greenhouses, clear tarps can be used on their own to protect an investment or with a canopy. In sizes up to 40 by 60 feet, clear tarps can shield investments as small as a car or motorcycle or can protect a load on a truck. Regardless of the use, however, the properties all heavy-duty polyethylene tarps have keep out moisture and UV rays and allow the tarp to protect any vehicle or object for several months outdoors at a time. Read More
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