Car Canopies

car canopiesNot every home is equipped with a brick-and-mortar garage. Does this still mean you can't protect your vehicle? Absolutely not! A1 Tarps has cost effective solutions for this problem. Car canopies are an affordable way to protect a car, motorcycle, or seasonal vehicle. Leaving such an investment outdoors exposes it to the elements. UV rays can fade and crack the surface of the vehicle, while moisture can cause water damage and invite mold, mildew, and dry rot to the surface. Instead of wishing you had better protection, get it. Our prices are set with the frugal buyer in mind. Pay a reasonable amount for canopy storage solutions when you shop with us.

Car canopies, made from a galvanized steel frame, have an enclosed or valance style to keep the moisture and UV rays away from your vehicle. Car canopies come in two types: metal and metal and polyethylene. The former is more common as a steel carport. These metal car canopies are designed fully from galvanized steel; both the frame and roof are made from metal. A silicon coating is added to the roof for protection. Steel has inherent waterproof and UV resistant properties, and the structure simply keeps the elements away from your vehicle. If you're considering this structure for long-term use, most metal car canopies have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Polyethylene and metal car canopies are popular, as they're easy to set up and offer versatility with the type of protection offered. The frame of this structure is made from galvanized steel, while the roof is a heavy duty polyethylene tarp treated to be waterproof, UV resistant, rot-proof, and mildew resistant. This combination of properties keeps out the elements and protects the vehicle from damage. Car canopies have an enclosed or valance style. The latter, with a 12-inch overhang on both sides, is typical for carport structures used with everyday vehicles. When long-term protection is needed, particularly for seasonal vehicles in storage, an enclosed style offers all-around protection. With polyethylene tarps on both sides, enclosed car canopies keep as much moisture and UV rays out as possible. Fully enclosed metal car canopies provide excellent protection in stormy weather. They are easily able to stand up to the pressures of high winds and rain. The waterproof poly material is chiefly responsible for this, as is the ingenious framework.

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