Canvas Tarp

canvas tarpWhat are canvas tarps used for? Like tarps made from other materials, canvas tarps can be used for many different things, including during emergencies, around the house, at the campground and a work site. At A1 Tarps, our canvas tarps are UV, water and mildew resistant. They are a great item to keep on hand because you never know when you might need one.

In Case of Emergencies

One reason you should have canvas tarp readily available in your car or home is in case of a natural disaster or emergency. If you find yourself broken down on the side of the road or stranded somewhere, a tarp can be used as a blanket to help keep you warm. If you're out hiking and someone gets injured, a canvas tarp can be turned into a makeshift gurney to get them to a safe spot. A brightly colored tarp could also help catch the attention of a passerby.

Are canvas tarps waterproof? They are treated to be water resistant, and that's why they are good to keep with your emergency kit. Following a hurricane or large storm, tarps can be used to cover damaged areas. When roofs and windows are damaged, they leave your home and belongings vulnerable to wind and debris. A sturdy tarp can be a temporary fix until a professional is able to come by.

At-Home Uses

Canvas tarps can be used in a multitude of ways around your home. A popular use is as a canopy tarp. What is a canopy tarp? It's a cover attached to a steel frame in order to protect people or things from the sun. Canvas tarps make great sunshades. You can use them on your patio, in your backyard, at the beach or while camping.

Storage is another great use for a canvas tarp at your home. Coming in many different sizes, including custom ones, these tarps can be used to cover items in and around your home to protect them from harmful UV rays or dirt. If you have belongings stowed away in a dusty attic or garage, put a canvas tarp over them. During home improvement projects, use tarps to keep paint and sawdust from reaching your furniture and floors.

Commercial Uses

Canvas tarps can also be useful around farms and construction sites. One benefit of canvas tarps is that the material is breathable. This makes them good for putting over fruit or vegetables that are in transit as they can prevent moisture buildup. They can also be used to protect car or truck seats while transporting tools, animals, supplies and materials.

On a construction site, a heavy-duty canvas tarp can shield exposed floors, tools, equipment and more from dirt and debris. What is a heavy-duty tarp? It's a durable tarp that can stand up to wear and tear and the elements. These tarps are a good choice for covering expensive and important tools around your work site.

Custom Sizing Available

At A1 Tarps, we know no two projects or needs are the same. When it comes to protecting your belongings or investments, a standard-sized tarp isn't always a good fit. That's why we offer custom sizing for our canvas tarps. Get in touch to learn more about options available and how to order.

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