Canopy Tarps

canopy tarpsA1 is the industry leader in providing safe and secure canopy tarps; we cover all of your outdoor canopy tarp needs. We have a wide selection of canopy tarps that can easily be assembled and used for special outdoor events, commercial use and for protecting vehicles from harsh weather. We guarantee high quality products with the lowest prices. A1 offers discounts on large volume orders. If you are an event planner, golf course owner or you simply need a canopy tarp for your active social life, A1 has your canopy needs covered. Our huge selection of styles and prints gives you more flexibility when it comes to planning unique events. We sell traditional canopies, red and white party canopies, popup canopies, and even greenhouse canopies. Our party canopies come in wide assortment of colors and sizes. We carry a 10 by 20 decorative blue canopy, an enclosed Fiesta canopy and even a big white 14 by 32 party tent with windows.

In addition to our line of party canopies, we also have a series of commercial use canopies. These canopies come complete with either 1 5/8" or 1 7/8" diameter galvanized steel frame and fittings, a heavy duty tarp cover, ball ties and reinforced bar brace supports. These canopies can be used for the protective storage of vehicles, marine equipment including boats and watercrafts as well as anything else that needs to be shielded from Mother Nature. Lastly, at A1 we also sell a wide selection of valance canopies. These ever popular canopies can be used for vehicle storage, temporary work stations, or tents for a special occasion. These easy to assemble and sturdy canopies are often used at golf outings, corporate events and for outdoor weddings. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

As you can see, many of our products are highly versatile. They share many key features like weather protection, UV protection, and resistance to rotting and mildew. We like to offer versatile products so that even if you only choose to order one or two canopy tarps, you'll still be able to adapt it for multiple purposes. For commercial uses and industrial uses we offer a variety of tarps that serve specific purposes. Larger operations should also take advantage of our bulk discount offers to save more.

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