Canopy Tarp

canopy tarpWhen combined together, a tarp and steel canopy frame create an economical and versatile shelter. The structure, called a "portable garage" or "carport," can be installed just about anywhere on a property within building code or ordinance regulations. Once anchored into the ground, the canopy holds up to nearly all weather conditions, while the tarp blocks out damaging UV rays and water. They're also very easy to secure and take down. If your needs change, or if you need to relocate your canopy tarp, you can do so easily in a matter of minutes.

Through A1 Tarps, these shelters are sold in several sizes and shapes, and tarps, including replacement options, are additionally available on their own. A canopy tarp gives portable garages and carports protection against the elements. Typically made out of polyethylene, although mesh may be used for specialized applications, canopy tarps are UV resistant, waterproof, rot proof, mildew resistant, and fire retardant. Attaching the tarp to the canopy's steel frame creates all-around protection. Bungee cords or clips, through the tarp's grommets, hold the polyethylene in place. Nevertheless, when it comes to canopies, the structure comes in two options. Valance canopies, typically with a peaked roof, have the canopy exclusively on top. Sides are open, making the shelter convenient for everyday or regular applications. On the other hand, canopies are strong enough for long-term storage, and the tarps, to fully block out sun and water, are added to the top and all sides. Replacement canopy tarps, on the other hand, can be added to a valance structure for full protection in winter. The shelter, once fully assembled, is open to a variety of uses. On a common level, the steel and polyethylene combination is an economical solution for protecting cars and seasonal vehicles from the elements. Yet, not just vehicles need to stay out of the sun and rain. Commercial equipment, for landscaping and agriculture, personal investments, and wood piles can all be kept under a canopy tarp, too. Not just exclusive to storage, these shelters are perfect for us as carnival canopies and can even be turned into home-based greenhouses.

A1 Tarps has a wide and extensive collection of canopy tarps and replacement tarps. We even have tarps with special extra qualities like fire resistant. There is a huge variety to choose from, so you aren't limited in any way. You can order a whole selection tarps to meet different needs. In fact, ordering in bulk will actually save you more in the long run and leave you prepared for every occasion. For adding an affordable and versatile shelter option to your property, browse through A1 Tarps' extensive selection of canopies today.

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