Canopies & Tarps

canopies and tarpsCanopies and tarps go hand-in-hand. While tarps are generally functional on their own, the steel canopy adds a new level of strength. Yet, the sturdy metal frame merely surrounds an investment or items requiring storage when a tarp is absent. An efficient storage solution, canopies and tarps can be easily set up to provide effective, long-term protection. With the help of a reliable canopy and tarp system you can easily store your vehicles, goods and other valuables outside without worrying about the elements damaging your property. Although shapes, types, and sizes of canopies vary, these shelters essentially have a basic composition that allows them to keep out and hold up to the elements. The frame is made out of galvanized or powder-coated steel; but, while the material is durable, the structure must be fully anchored into the ground to ensure effectiveness and strength. The tarp, with grommets, is attached to the frame, either just on top or on all sides of the structure. Essentially giving the canopy coverage, the poly tarp is treated to be UV resistant, waterproof, mildew resistant, rot proof, and fire retardant. Together, these two components work in conjunction to block out damaging UV rays and water and to prevent mildew, mold, and dry rot from forming on your investment. An open canopy setup is great for providing sun protection and some shielding from the rain. The addition of walls can provide even more protection, which is ideal for windy days. A full enclosure setup will, however, reduce the amount of air flow around your goods, but these sidewalls are extremely easy to remove and install.

Canopies and tarps essentially come in two basic designs, regardless of shape. Valance canopies, characterized by a tarped roof and open sides, are convenient for sheltering vehicles used every day. Typically called "carports," valance canopies can be modified for the winter or for full protection with side walls and doors. In other cases, all-around protection is needed throughout the year. These enclosed canopies feature tarps on top and on all sides. While a moderate hindrance for an everyday vehicle, this type of structure is beneficial for long-term storage, as UV rays and water are fully kept out of the canopy. Together, tarps and canopies are economical, efficient, and versatile storage. From sheltering a car to creating long-term storage to setting up an outdoor shelter for a carnival or commercial function, tarps and canopies are one of the best and most affordable investments you could make. To get the most value for your money, explore all of the tarp options we have available and stock up to take advantage of bulk discounts.

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