Boat Canopy

boat canopyStoring your boat or watercraft can be quite a hassle. Dock yards and yacht clubs will charge a fortune to keep your boat protected and there's still no guarantee that your prized possession will be safe from foul weather and other hazardous outdoor elements. Keep your boat or watercraft safe and secure with sturdy, durable waterproof polyethylene outdoor canopies that can keep your boat safe and in great shape all season long. Our tarps feature an infallible mesh construction and are fitted with rope-reinforced eyelets and corners to maximize their durability and strength.

Boat canopies can be made from a wide selection of tarps but one of the most trusted is valence tarps. We feature a wide selection of valence tarps that are waterproof, weather resistant and provide 100 percent UV protection. This comprehensive coverage will ensure your boat is protected against water damage, rotting, rusting, mildew growth and sun damage. Our boat canopies themselves are also not susceptible to rotting and mildew growth, a quality which makes them ideal for use in wet and damp environments.

Valence tarps easily convert into open-air and enclosed canopies for maximum protection with the addition of sidewalls. Valence tarp covers drop down 8" on each side preventing water from seeping through the frame. Valence canopies can be accessorized with up to 5-piece side panels for front door, back door and full side protection. Choose from a wide variety of sizes to provide strong canopy protection for small watercraft including jet skis and canoes and larger boats including power boats and sail boats. Valence tarp canopies can be ordered in widths of 10', 12', 18', 24' and 30' to accommodate many sizes of boats and watercrafts. Choose from a fine selection of traditional covers including white, silver and desert tan to provide a classic looking canopy for your boat or watercraft.

Secure your heavy duty boat canopy and watercraft garage with 1-3/8" pipes, 1-3/8" high peak fittings, 8 steel rod legs and ball bungee ties. This solid structure will support your canopy tarp with ease. It will stay upright and standing even in the face of high winds and rain storms. The peaked roof will allow rain and precipitation to roll right off the canopy, propelling it away from your boat.

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