Black Tarps

black tarpsOne of the most popular uses for black tarps can be seen in and around active construction sites. Black tarps are used to protect expensive construction material from getting wet, they can be seen draped over chain link fences for privacy reasons, and they can also be used to protect workers from strong winds. By placing a black mesh tarp in and around a partially built section of a building, the tarp will protect the workers from flying debris, harmful dust particles while also keeping their tools safe. While renovating the roof of Madison Square Garden in New York City, for instance, workers made ample use of black tarps. During one sudden and violent rain storm, the entire roof of Madison Square Garden was covered with heavy duty black tarps. These tarps covered holes and protected the inside of MSG from getting saturated with rain water. While a seemingly simple solution, the proper use of tarps during harsh weather can save builders a great deal of time, money, and aggravation. In terms of use by homeowners, tarps of all colors and sizes were instrumental in saving many homes and small businesses in the days and weeks after the recent tornado in Joplin, Missouri. People who had the roofs of their home blown off, were able to safe at least some of their possessions by covering the holes in their roofs with heavy duty tarps; tarps can also be used to protect cords of firewood from getting wet or stacks of lumber from too much exposure to harsh ultraviolet rays of sunlight. Given the increase in the number of violent hurricanes and tornados, keeping a few tarps at the ready is a wise idea.

Black tarps are classified as heavy duty because of their weather resistance and durability. They can serve as temporary and long-term solutions for protecting against water damage and wind damage. Rotting and mildew growth resistance make them excellent for use in wet environments around coy ponds, river beds or for landscaping. A dense weave and sturdy fibers maintain the strength of these tarps, helping them resist fraying and tearing. Rustproof grommets are placed conveniently around the edges to use for securing.

Tarps are inexpensive material that suddenly has a way of becoming a high-valued asset during and after violent storms. A heavy duty black tarp is a sound long-term investment. A1 Tarps has a huge selection of sizes to accommodate every need.

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