20x30 Tarp

20x30 tarpIf you've got big equipment to protect, consider our large 20-foot by 30-foot polyethylene tarps from A1 Tarps. Our 20x30 poly tarps have evenly spaced grommets along the perimeter to secure to stakes, pipes or frames. Cover sports fields, swimming pools, construction site equipment, boats, cars or damaged roofs with these oversized heavy-duty poly tarps that are waterproof and UV resistant. Protect your goods from rot and mildew. Durable, tough poly tarps in 20-foot by 30-foot sizes are used on farms, ranches, at marinas and at schools. With our tarp frames and steel pipes, you can create a giant tarp canopy for community markets, festivals, outdoor gatherings and campground meeting sites.

Create a portable shelter for your automobiles, motorcycles or boats. Protect an outdoor nursery during a high-heat day or in a rainstorm without suffocating your trees and plants by covering the area with 20-foot by 30-foot tarp sheeting.  Secure these tarps in place with clamps, bungee cord tie-downs or rope. We carry poly construction tarps that resist tears and rips in small, large and extra-large tarpaulin sizes to fit your project needs and budget. If you have questions, consult our expert staff. We have been offering affordable prices on tarps and canopies, as well as discount-priced tarp accessories, since 1981. We also have portable garages, carports and pop-up canopy kits. Read More
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