10x12 Tarps

canopies tarpsOur versatile 10-foot by 12-foot poly tarps from A1 Tarps have dozens of residential, industrial and commercial uses. You will see our medium-duty and heavy-duty 10-foot by 12-foot poly tarpaulins at construction sites, baseball fields, farms, trucking companies, homes and being used for 10x12 tents at campsites. These versatile sheets of polyethylene, when combined with clamps or bungee cords to stay in place outdoors, block out harmful UV rays and water while preventing mildew and dry rot from building up. We also have canvas, vinyl and 10x12 mesh tarps.

Use our poly tarps with grommets for tie-downs for covering cars and motorcycles, temporarily patching a roof or sheltering equipment outdoors. With a higher denier count and greater thickness, heavy-duty polyethylene tarps are ideal for long-term protection, when a car, motorcycle or other investment must be covered for several months at a time. Medium-duty tarps are better for protection over shorter periods. Just secure your tarp with bungee cords looped through the tarp grommets to secure your tarpaulin in place. For storm damage, use boards and nails to secure polyethylene tarp sheets over holes in the roof of your home or business until you can arrange a permanent repair. The convenient 10x12 size and waterproof nature of these tarps, they can be used to line the trunk of your car when transporting wet or messy items. Fold one up and take it along on camping trips to spread on the ground for picnics. They make great tent floors, and they can be used to add an extra layer of protection to a leaky or old tent by securing over your tent top. Display your wares at farmers' market tables or swap meet ground space on wipe-clean tarps. Create a defined play area outside for the kids by limiting game space to the 10-foot by 12-foot tarp surface. Shop all our tarp sizes. Read More
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