Ball Bungee Ties

Ball Bungee Ties

Count on ball bungee ties from A1 Tarps to secure tarps to frames, poles, fences and more.

A tarp's ability to offer protection from the elements counts on proper securing and installation. If you allow the ends to flap up or hang loosely, you won't be getting the benefits of all the protection our heavy-duty tarps have to offer.

These bungee ball ties solve that problem. Made with strong elastic, these fasteners can be attached quickly and don't let go easily. In addition to helping keep your tarp in place, they create a bit of tension that adds to a tarp's strength.

Take your pick from several colors and lengths. These ball bungee cords are outstanding accessories to keep handy for a variety of uses around your property. Use smaller ones for smaller vehicles or piles of material, or the larger ones for wrapping a tarp around an RV or other large piece of equipment.
"Ball bungee cords attach to the grommets that come on all of our tarps and hold them to a frame or to other grommets. A1 Tarps carries a variety of sizes of ball bungee ties so you can find the right ones suitable for your needs. Our ball bungees are available in 6-inch, 9-inch, 11-inch and 13-inch sizes. The smaller sizes are ideal for securing tarps to smaller shelters, such as those used for motorcycles, while the larger ones are good choices for working with bigger shelters, such as those typically used for boats, RVs or multiple cars.

We also offer a range of colors for our bungee cords, letting you pick the color you want to complement or contrast with your tarp's color. Available colors include white, black and red.

These bungee ties feature elastic cords and round plastic balls. They will provide dependable service for the long haul in the toughest conditions. If you have any questions about the ball bungee cords available at A1 Tarps, just call us toll free for quick, helpful answers."

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