Athletic Field Tarps & Covers

Protect the integrity of your athletic field by using tarps and field covers from A1 Tarps. Our collection includes softball and baseball field tarps and covers for football fields. These field covers are made using waterproof polyethylene material and have rope-reinforced corners and heavy duty grommets for strength and durability. Our field covers include football field tarps that are designed to cover the entire field, baseball field tarps to cover the infield of the diamond and covers specifically sized to provide protection to the home plate and mound of the infield. In addition, we have baseball plate covers that can be used in lieu of removing the bases in the infield. The football field covers are made using 6-ounce, 12 mil thick polyethylene materials that contain a 14 x 14 mesh count. These football field tarps have strong web loop handles every 15 feet and grommets every 10 feet. Designed for rapid deployment, these covers are waterproof, UV resistant, mildew resistant and acid resistant. Baseball field tarps at A1 Tarps are made using the same materials as the football field tarps and they also have strong web loops handles for rapid deployment and grommets every 10 feet. Baseball/softball field covers are available in several sizes so it will be possible to order a cover that is specifically designed for use on a Little League, for example, rather than using a high school or college field size cover on the smaller baseball diamond. In addition to field covers for the entire infield of the baseball diamond, covers are available for the pitcher's mound, the home plate area and the bases. These are lower-cost options to protect the ballfield than a cover for the entire field and these covers can be deployed very quickly in the event of a fast rain shower.
90' x 90' Baseball/Softball Athletic Field Cover
List Price: $4,143.98
Our Price: $2,071.99
100' x 100' Baseball/Softball Athletic Field Cover
List Price: $4,939.98
Our Price: $2,469.99
110' x 110' Baseball/Softball Athletic Field Cover
List Price: $5,579.98
Our Price: $2,789.99
120' x 120' Baseball/Softball Athletic Field Cover
List Price: $6,975.98
Our Price: $3,487.99
160' x 160' Baseball/Softball Athletic Field Cover
List Price: $10,851.98
Our Price: $5,425.99
170' x 170' Baseball/Softball Athletic Field Cover
List Price: $12,249.98
Our Price: $6,124.99

Protecting a sports field is important to prevent further games being canceled due to rain. One option for protecting a sports field is with a baseball tarp. Poly tarps can be used as baseball tarps and can come already cut in a shape for a baseball diamond, but poly tarps, if placed properly, can effectively be used as a baseball tarp in case of rain. Some baseball tarps can be rolled onto the field at the first sight of rain. Even though that game is canceled due to rain, the field won't be muddy to cancel future games.

A baseball tarp is essentially a large poly tarp that is applied to a baseball field to protect it from rain. Rain can cause a sports field to become muddy, which can lead to more games getting canceled due to the weather. Especially for a professional baseball team, in which ticketholders are depending on watching a game, canceling one game isn't as significant as canceling a large block to games due to a muddy field. To resume a baseball game schedule, the field should be ready to be played on after the rain and one way to make sure the field is ready is with a baseball tarp.

Baseball tarps come in a number of colors, but a baseball tarp is simply a large poly tarp cut into the shape of a baseball diamond. As this individual tarp can be particularly large, one option to quickly protect a field is by rolling the large baseball tarp onto the field. Some baseball tarps come already prepared with chains or weights on the edge, although tarps without a weighted edge can still be used as baseball tarps. These baseball tarps can be held in place by sandbags. In addition, to keep other parts of a baseball park dry from a storm, smaller tarps can be used to protect the dugout and the seats.

Preventing a baseball field from getting muddy is the key to a longer sports season, and, as a result, teams from profession to high school and little league level use baseball tarps to protect their field from rain.
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