18 Oz. Vinyl Coated Tarps
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If you’re looking for vinyl coated tarps, you’re in the right place. A1 Tarps is your one-stop shop for 22-mil, 18-ounce tarps that are as easy to work with as they are durable, reliable and sturdy. All of these tarps are made to order, and they’re sold as full finished sizes.

Please Note: ** Vinyl Tarps are made to order and take up to 15-20 business days before shipping.

Our strongest material, these 18-ounce vinyl coated poly tarps are an effective long-term shelter solution. Because they’re made from industrial-strength materials, they can be used in a wide range of applications.

Each of these vinyl coated tarps features a waterproof surface that repels all sorts of liquids. They’re even oil-resistant so that you don’t have to worry about paints, oil-based cleaners or other substances breaking them down and affecting your belongings. With a UV-resistant treatment applied to each tarp, the elements that cause rust, fading and other damage to equipment, tools and vehicles can’t get through to cause harm.

Our vinyl coated poly tarps are available in several sizes, so you can get exactly what you need from our inventory. That way, too little or too much coverage is never a concern. Whether you’re covering a recreational vehicle such as a boat, a four-wheeler or a sports car, or you’re covering construction equipment, tools or survival supplies, you’ll be able to get the coverage you need from A1 Tarps. Because these tarps are so strong and versatile, they’re used all over the world to shelter items for long periods of time. They can be used indoors or outdoors and provide protection from wind, ice, rain, snow and more; they’ll even keep dirt and debris away from your items as long as they’re properly secured. Each tarp features sturdy brass grommets placed 24 inches apart for tie-downs.

Our strongest material, 18 oz. vinyl coated tarps present an effective long-term shelter solution. This industrial-strength material, available in a wide range of colors and sizes, offers versatility and dependable protection through many instances. From protecting a truck load to sheltering a seasonal vehicle for several months at a time, 18 oz. vinyl coated tarps last through practically all conditions.

A waterproof, UV resistant surface ensures the elements causing rust, fading, and damage stay away from your vehicle, supplies, or investment. Considering the needs of industrial applications even further, this heavy-duty material resists oil and acid and prevents mildew from building up underneath. High abrasion resistance allows the vinyl to hold up to the hazards of on-the-road transport.

From larger dump truck beds to tractors, our 18 oz. vinyl coated tarps provide a versatile, reliable solution. To meet your industrial or individual sheltering needs, start by browsing our selection for the precise size.
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