Clear PVC Vinyl Tarps - 18 Oz

Our 18 ounce clear vinyl tarps can provide full shelter and protection, as well as full visibility.

A clear vinyl tarp can be used with confidence outdoors for your commercial and industrial needs. We offer a wide range of sizes, so you can choose the perfect size for whatever purpose you have mind. Use our crystal clear tarps as siding for a party canopy, or use it to cover up produce at a farmer's market, so you can show off your fruits and vegetables while completely protecting them from the rain and shopper's germs. Merchants can use this tarp at flea markets, to protect their wares from the elements and dissuade consumers from touching products on display. When you need to transport items that may be subject to inspection, use a clear vinyl tarp made out of PVC to make such a search easier and quicker. You can even use our clear tarps for patio furniture coverage, as a lumber cover for a wood pile or as a temporary shelter while camping.

These are high-quality products that will last you a long period of time. Our tarps are resistant to tears and abrasions, and they also keep oils, acids, water and UV rays at bay. Whether the tarp will be stored out in the sun or locked away in storage to protect items that are not for everyday use, it will withstand many different environments. With a clear tarp, you will not need to go searching for items you stored away months ago; you will instantly be able to find exactly what you are looking thanks to the see-through surface.

These tarps are 20 mil thick and have grommets made of heavy-duty brass located at every 24 inches around the edges. Whether you need a clear plastic cover for a business, for storage or for creating an enclosure for a patio or porch, purchase a clear PVC tarp from

See any items, investments, materials, or equipment placed in storage without compromising strength and quality. This 18 ounce, 20 mil clear vinyl tarp, available in sizes up to 20 feet by 40 feet, provides superior strength for outdoor, commercial, and industrial needs. Rather than settling for subpar material, find the protection and long-term strength your materials and supplies require with our clear vinyl tarps.
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