13 Oz. Vinyl Laminated Tarps
Ships in 15-20 business days

Whether you’re covering up a car to keep dust, dirt and debris from assaulting its paint or you’re securing dry goods in a moisture-rich environment, A1 Tarps has the PVC vinyl laminated 13 ounce tarp for you. These made-to-order tarps are lightweight but designed for heavy-duty applications, which means they’re ideal for almost any application.

Please Note: ** Vinyl Tarps are made to order and take up to 15 to 20 business days before shipping.

Made from the strongest vinyl material, which is abrasion-resistant, these tarps are engineered to outlast years of use.

Our extensive selection of vinyl laminated tarps includes several colors and sizes so you can find precisely what you need. Covering something in a hazardous environment? Use a bright, vibrant yellow vinyl tarp. Concealing something in the sand? You’ll need a tan vinyl tarp. We carry a whole rainbow of colors so you can create the look you want.

Each of the 18-mil vinyl laminated tarps we carry features heat-sealed seams for added durability. Strategically spaced brass grommets enable you to use rope, twine or paracord to secure your tarp in place so that accidental bumps, heavy winds or other factors don’t remove the protective covering. Our tarps are tear-resistant, which means even if they’re punctured, they won’t run; that way, you don’t have to worry about losing protection on your valuable property. These mildew-resistant and rot-resistant tarps won’t damage the items beneath them by harboring dangerous spores.

Choose from our wide variety of made-to-order sizes to find what best suits your needs. We’re able to fashion extremely large tarps for big projects, such as lumber hauling or car coverings, as well as small tarps that can protect firewood from winter snow or can serve as a protective barrier around items stored in a basement.

Give your investments the next level of protection with our 13 oz. laminated vinyl tarps. Our lighter heavy-duty option, such tarps are built to withstand the rigors of both commercial and long-term, at-home protective needs. Add one to the bed of your truck, around investments stored or transported, or equip your commercial site with one or more sheets for a variety of sheltering, storage, and coverage needs.

Each full-size, 18mil thick, finished 13 oz. vinyl tarp features a wide range of protective properties. A waterproof surface effectively blocks out moisture, while UV-, oil-, acid-, and mildew resistance ensure your investment, from a vehicle to wood or asphalt in transport, stays in good condition. Heat-sealed seams add a further level of strength.

Find an effective solution for long-term protection in our 13 oz. vinyl tarp selection. Choose from a wide range of colors and sizes for your specific need.
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