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  • Canopies

    Durable Canvas Tarps

    Our selection of canvas tarps for sale includes 10-ounce and 12-ounce tarps in a variety of colors.

    Breathable & Water Resistant

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  • Portable

    Versatile Poly Tarps

    Ideal for enduring every weather system imaginable, our heavy-duty polyethylene tarps are built for the outdoors.

    UV Resistant & Water Proof

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  • Tarps

    Tough Vinyl Tarps

    Sturdy, reliable and durable, our vinyl tarps are available in 10-ounce, 13-ounce, 18-ounce and 27-ounce weights.

    Durable & Tear Resistant

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  • Cover It Up with A1 TARPS

    Cover It Up with A1 Tarps

    Our wide variety poly tarps can cover anything from dump trucks and lumber hay to boats, cars, trucks, and roofs. As the largest tarp manufacturer in the USA, we work with everyone from residential homebuilders to municipalities by offering some of the largest custom tarps that are marked CPAI-84 compliant, or certified by the California State Fire Marshall. All polyethylene tarps we carry are waterproof and UV resistant for all-weather protection for your various outdoor storage and protection needs.

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