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Cover it up with A1 TARPS. Our wide variety poly tarps can cover anything from dump trucks and lumber hay to boats, cars, trucks, and roofs. As the largest tarp manufacturer in the USA, we work with everyone from residential homebuilders to municipalities by offering some of the largest custom tarps that are are marked CPAI-84 compliant, or certified by the California State Fire Marshall. All polyethylene tarps we carry are waterproof and UV resistant for all-weather protection for your various outdoor storage and protection needs.
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Tarps are made with a variety of materials for different strengths. The strongest tarp we offer is a heavy duty polyethylene tarp, which is often used to cover investments outdoors for longer periods of time. If you need temporary protection, poly tarps are also available in medium duty strengths. Aside from polyethylene, another material used is mesh, or polypropylene. Mesh tarps allow light to pass through and, as a result, are used as garden tarps for low-light plants.

Tarps are part of various outdoor structures such as portable garages and carports. Although these structures are essentially galvanized steel frames with a heavy duty polyethylene tarp on top, these canopies have a number of outdoor uses. Aside from using one of these canopies to protect your car, larger canopies can protect a seasonal vehicle like a boat or RV and they can be used as a shed. Our selection includes flat roof, peak roof, and rounded canopy styles.

Permanent outdoor canopy structures are usually portable garages and carports, but the category of outdoor canopies also covers temporary structures. Need to go to a trade show, flea market, or the beach and need a fold-up cover for shade? We carry various pop-up canopies, such as party tents and wedding tents, that can be folded up, put in your car, and easily set up at another location. Take one of these pop-up canopies to a variety of locations to give you and your belongings shade.
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